Born 1991, South Africa, Cape Town

Composer Michael-Jon Mizra is a deftly skilled sculptor of time-based media. Working within the confines of economy and minimalism, his process is one of recursion and iteration, continually re-interpreting material as an act of creation. These fragments are elaborately interlaced into works of choreography, installation and audiovisual performance.

He is an associated artist of the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester, (2019), and is a twice-recipient of Manchester International Festival’s development program (2017,2019).

His work spans artistic interpretation and research. In 2018 he was commissioned to produce a piece on the theme of youth radicalisation (“Displacement Native”). This was presented at an international conference in North Macedonia, Former Republic of Yugoslavia. It compiled and sonified data from the United Nations refugee report on the Syrian Conflict.

He works across the UK, splitting his time between Manchester and London. He resides in Peterborough, UK.